ASSA ABLOY Medeco Security Centers

Security Professionals Offering Installation and Support

ASSA ABLOY MSCs are an Elite group of Security Professionals who are committed to providing superior service, installation and support of ASSA ABLOY Door Opening Solutions.

Medeco Security Centers

 Why Partner with an MSC?

Partner with an elite group of security professionals with staff technicians proficient in the installation of access control, electrified and mechanical door opening hardware.

An MSC will deliver faster deployments, the highest quality installation around the door opening, reduction in site issues and less post-installation service work that results in fewer calls to tech support. 


Discover the benefits of working with an ASSA ABLOY MSC:

  • Better, faster deployments
  • Higher quality installation around the door opening
  • Reduction in site issues
  • Less service work
  • Fewer calls to tech support
  • Fewer returns
  • Satisfied customers


Take advantage of the services offered by an ASSA ABLOY MSC:

  • Access control device installation
  • Door prep
  • Door coring
  • Hinge prep
  • Locking device installation