Latest Door and Hardware Technologies on Display in ASSA ABLOY Innovation Showroom

The ASSA ABLOY Innovation Showroom is structured in segments to showcase the four main categories of product development: life-safety, security, aesthetics and Green/energy efficiency. Each of these sections is equipped with products that solve issues that have long challenged the commercial building industry.

Life-safety solutions found in the first section are put to the test in a hallway that fills with artificial smoke to demonstrate the LiteGuide™ family of products that embed photoluminescent, electroluminescent and laser lighting to cut through smoke and poor visibility conditions and provide building occupants with a pathway to safety. Also within this section is a display of hurricane- and tornado-resistant openings designed to offer protection from Mother Nature’s fiercest storms.

Continuing through the Innovation Showroom, the next group of displays showcases the latest security technologies incorporated into hardware products from ASSA ABLOY Group brands. The security section begins with the simplest forms of access control, including RFID-enabled cylinders and electric strikes, and progresses to more complex technologies such as Wiegand, WiFi, power-over-ethernet and Hi-O™ technologies.

The aesthetics section features design-oriented products that offer a stylish mix of door and hardware offerings. With these products, a total aesthetic look can be carried throughout all doorways in a building, enabling design professionals to pursue good design without sacrificing security or life-safety.

Green building products and energy efficiency are hot button issues in the building construction industry. This portion of the Innovation Showroom displays how ASSA ABLOY can contribute to the environmental construction movement with, among other things, doors constructed from agrifiber (wheat straw) components. The effectiveness of energy efficient openings is demonstrated with a thermal imaging camera that compares the performance between an insulated doorway equipped with weatherstripping and thermal break frames and a non-insulated opening.

“The technological advances made by ASSA ABLOY is pushing the door and hardware industry in a new direction,” said Paul Dauphin, VP of marketing for ASSA ABLOY Door Security Solutions. “Our goal is to develop products that set new standards in security, life-safety, aesthetics and energy efficiency. The ASSA ABLOY Innovation Showroom demonstrates our commitment to providing relevant, modern solutions for our customers.”