Markar Architectural Products

Markar Quality Products
Markar is a designer and manufacturer of architectural grade adjustable continuous hinges and edge guards and has been a leader in innovative products for the hardware industry since 1969. Markar was the first manufacturer to produce a continuous pin and barrel hinge line and an adjustable continuous edge guard.

Building on customer feedback, Markar has developed over 75 standard continuous hinge models providing products for a wide variety of applications.

Product Numbering System
Markar utilizes an easy-to-use numbering system that clearly indicates the type of hinge and base material used, as well as the various hinge models and options available. 
Download a PDF version of Markar's product numbering system here.

Hinge Finish Options
Markar hinges are available in a wide range of colors and finishes including Standard Powdercoat finishes and US Standard & BHMA Finishes. Custom Powdercoat and Special Anodized finishes can also be specified.
Download a PDF version of Markar’s hinge finish options here.

Fire Rating
Most Markar hinges are fire-rated to varying degrees; specifics will vary depending on hinge construction and application. The 200, 300 and 3500 series hinges are all fire-rated without any additional prep work. Pin and Barrel construction will still function after the fire, creating a safe environment for fire fighters and people in need of emergency exit.

Windstorm and Hurricane Tested
Markar hinges excelled in three categories of windstorm testing—an Impact Test (TAS 201), a Static Load/Cyclical Test (TAS 202), and a Water and Leakage Test (TAS 203). Markar hinges are approved by the Florida Building Code Commission and are made to last for years, regardless of the weather.
Download a PDF version of Information of Windstorm Testing.

Medical Bearings are now standard on all Markar pin and barrel hinges.  Markar also offers hinge modifications to fit almost any application, including hospital tips, cutouts, wide throw models, custom hole patterns, security fasteners, current transfers, monitoring switches and much more.
Download a PDF with more information about available modifications here.