Data Center Security Solutions from ASSA ABLOY


From perimeter protection on the outside to cabinet server locks on the inside, ASSA ABLOY offers high performance products that bring security, sustainability and reliability to every doorway application in a data center setting.

ASSA ABLOY’s team of expert security professionals will take the time to understand your operations and assess potential risks before recommending a solution. Our “one size doesn’t fit all” approach to security provides client centric solutions, ensuring that each space is properly matched with the appropriate level of protection, while keeping costs in line.

Perimeter Security

Industrial and high security fencing, guard booths and entry barriers create a formidable defensive perimeter.




Doors and Frames

Rely on doors and frames from ASSA ABLOY for fire control, windstorm and blast protection, temperature/thermal control and sound abatement.




Key Systems

High security electronic and mechanical key systems along with electronic key cabinets and lockers preserve the integrity of facility key control efforts.



Access Control, Egress Hardware and Accessories

Door locks, electronic access control devices, exit hardware and cabinet locks combine together to form a comprehensive access control system that protects against unauthorized entry, while meeting stringent egress code guidelines.



Wireless Access Control

Aperio® wireless technology offers a fast, affordable way to add comprehensive access control and audit capabilities to your data center.




Identity Management

Implement a secure identity management system with smart card IDs and credentials that come in a variety of forms, from cards, tags and keyfobs, to chip-based smart cards and SIO-enabled credentials.


Automatic Door Controls

Sliding, swinging and revolving doors offer attractive, convenient, energy efficient and practical solutions for door automation.





Overhead and Roll-Up Entrances

High performance and high speed industrial doors for interior and exterior openings are designed to accommodate heavy duty, industrial and commercial applications.