Higher Education Facility Challenges

The ideal higher education campus for students and administrators is one that offers easy access to school facilities while maintaining security and accountability. This delicate balance, coupled with growing sustainability requirements, calls for careful selection of doors and hardware.  ASSA ABLOY understands these issues and is ready to help with the latest door and hardware innovations.

Campus Security

Keeping students safe and secure is a top priority. Product innovations from ASSA ABLOY give end-users a full range of options to secure their facility, enabling more precise selection of locking products to protect the specific assets behind each opening.  By better matching of technology to the risk at each opening, the end-user ultimately gets more security for the dollar and is able to customize access control.




Sustainable/Green building challenges - such as addressing LEED and other Green construction guidelines - can be solved with high performance doors and hardware. Our field representatives include accredited LEED AP professionals who can help solve any doorway dilemma. 



Energy Efficiency

Improve energy efficiency and building envelope performance with doors and hardware that reduce thermal transmission and thwart heat/cold exchange.




Research has proven that higher than recommended noise levels have a negative impact on patient care, communications and the healing environment. In response to these challenges, we offer doorway assemblies (doors, frames hardware and gasketing) that achieve high sound transmission control ratings. Recent innovations in door construction are making it easier and more affordable than ever to implement sound transmission control measures.