Door Locks for Schools

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From Key Locks to Card Locks to Mobile Credentials

ASSA ABLOY offers a wide selection of door locks for schools and campus security. Our solutions range from high security key locks to advanced digital locks for doors.

Thanks to today's locking technologies, it's now possible to implement varying degrees of access control at each opening. These locking technologies mesh together and operate seamlessly to create a fully secure facility.  Whether combining multiple credentials, leveraging existing network infrastructure, integrating discrete components, or adding decision making capability, modern technology allows a much broader set of products that can be deployed at each opening. This allows for the selection of the right product to provide the right level of security within a given budget. In other words, more security for your dollar.

School safety and security upgrades often focus on locks because they are ‘easy’ to replace and immediately improve security on critical doors. Doorways throughout the facility are candidates to be upgraded, including:

  • Exterior doors, to help secure the perimeter from intrusion 
  • Administrative areas, such as the office and library 
  • Classrooms, which are used as safe havens in an emergency

School Door Security

With the abusive nature of the school environment, the quality of the hardware used to increase security is very important. Doors, frames, locks and hardware from ASSA ABLOY Group brands are installed on millions of openings thoughout the world and are the foundation of security at countless school districts. Our Grade 1 doors and hardware continue to lead the industry in independent 3rd party witnessed testing that goes above and beyond. In addition to offering reliable and durable locks, ASSA ABLOY Group brands offer school specific functionality to help increase the safety and security of your classroom, administrative and perimeter doors. These solutions include: