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Our locking solutions are offered in a variety of technology platforms, enabling the end-user to select the the level of security needed for each individual opening. 

Offline Access Control

Several stand-alone options are available for applications requiring a simple access control solution without connecting to a network. Keypad and PDA-programmable locks each provide access control using intelligence built into the device, to accommodate the constraints of the opening and the needs of the end-user.

Keypad Locks

  • All programming easily performed at the keypad, 
    no computer or PDA
  • Controls access for up to 2,000 users, with many 
    options and audit trail

Touchpad Access Locks

  • Capacitive keypad with sleek, contemporary design
  • Access locking device allows up to 1,000 users, with many 
    features including remote access capability
  • Voice-assisted menu makes programming easy
  • Easy installation and maintenance


  • Cost-effective and unobtrusive option for adding access control 
    to existing hardware
  • Flexible digital key control for more dynamic system management

Online Access Control

Our advanced range of industry-changing access control components includes solutions that offer simpler installation, improved aesthetics, and maximum re-use of the existing building IT infrastructure. This makes it more affordable than ever before to enjoy the  security and convenience of access control throughout a facility.    

Intelligent IP-enabled (WiFi) 

  • Wireless for reduced costs, 80% faster installation, no wire runs
  • Non-proprietary—uses 802.11 b/g open standard, secure 
    wireless protocol
  • No additional panels or wireless interface devices required, 
    locks communicate directly to host system
  • Full, local database at door for faster, more reliable access
    2,000 users and 10,000 event audit trail

PoE    (Power Over Ethernet)

  • Locks and exit devices tie directly into existing ethernet 
    infrastructure for cost-effective installation
  • Power and data in one CAT-5e cable; no power supply needed
  • No additional panels required, locks communicate directly to 
     host system
  • Full, local database at door for faster, more reliable access
  • 2,000 users and 10,000 event audit trail

Integrated Wiegand

  • RFID reader embedded in lock, electric strike, or touch sense bar streamlines components and installation
  • Centralized control - Wiegand-compatible hardwired 
     products connect to access control system
  • Sleek design improve facility aesthetics
  • Capabilities include latchbolt and deadbolt monitoring, 
     request-to-exit, door position status


Hi-O (Highly Intelligent Opening) components bring online access capabilities to the opening and offer advanced self-configuration and self-diagnostic features. Incorporating a local door network between intelligent devices allows openings to be more secure, to be installed  and debugged much faster, and to warn end-users in advance about maintenance needs.

  • Door components communicate with each other 
    over a local door network
  • Easy installation and upgrades - electroLynx® plug-and-play
    setup, automatic configuration, simplified troubleshooting
  • Predictive maintenance data from each component and the
    opening leads to less costly maintenance, higher uptime
  • Lower cost of ownership for the life of the opening
  • Open architecture design for any access control system

Electronic Access Products

Our locking solutions combine mechanical strength with a variety of electronic control options — providing end-users with the ideal security and life-safety system.

  • Electric Strikes are ideal for openings that require authorized entry. Electric strikes can release cylindrical and mortise locks, rim exit devices, and deadbolts.
  • Exit Devices facilitate safe egress while restricting access. We offer exit devices in pushbar and crossbar styles. We also offer a wide selection of mechanical and electrified mortise, concealed vertical rod, surface vertical rod, and rim devices that can serve many functions.  
  • Power Supplies perform the crucial function of supplying the correct amount of power to the electrical components of an opening in a safe manner. Battery backups are available for our electronic access solutions to ensure safe, efficient operation when the mains are down. 
  • Push Buttons complete any electromechanical doorway system.