Advanced technology is at the Door

Door opening solutions that function as a system.

As the leader in door opening solutions, ASSA ABLOY offers some of the industry’s most innovative products and technologies. Here is a selection of our most popular offerings.

Windstorm: Hurricane and Tornado Protection

ASSA ABLOY has developed a broad selection of hurricane and tornado-resistant doorway components and assemblies.

Hurricane Requirements and Solutions

Buildings in coastal areas must be constructed to withstand the destructive forces of hurricanes. Products designed for use in hurricane-prone areas are subjected to tests simulating storm conditions, including impact from airborne debris and cyclical pressure loading. A building designed to hurricane standards should survive a storm in good condition, with doors and hardware operational.

Tornado Requirements and Solutions

Facilities constructed in large swaths of the country may include safe rooms designed to withstand tornados. Survival of the occupants is the primary goal. Even if the building is destroyed, the safe room should remain standing. Doors and hardware are not expected to be functional
afterwards, they must simply remain intact.


A revolutionary new door and hardware finish/coating that permanently suppresses the growth of bacteria, algae, fungus, mold and mildew. MicroShield is ideal for door and  hardware applications where protection against microbes is essential. MicroShield is available on doors, locks and other high touch hardware.

Hi-O (Highly Intelligent Openings)

Hi-O allows every device in an electronic opening — the lock, exit device, electric strike, proximity reader, door operator, push button, etc. — to share encrypted information. Devices are connected over a CAN (Controller Area Network), allowing them to communicate and monitor the condition of the opening. This means lower cost of ownership for the life of the opening, fast and accurate installation, predictive vs. reactive maintenance, and enhanced troubleshooting.


LiteGuide enhances the visibility of an opening by illuminating the door, frame, and egress hardware. This makes exits highly identifiable, particularly in dark or smoky conditions, providing added safety for your building. Illuminated floor markings provide a pathway to the opening. LiteGuide makes it easy to locate the closest exit and get out quickly.


Synchronized audible and visible alerts built into Beacon make exit locations highly noticeable in low visibility conditions. Beacon includes a strobe light, white noise, audible announcements and a laser beam, all built into the exit hardware. 


ElectroLynx is a system of universal Molex® plug-in connectors and standardized color-coded wiring that makes installing electrified doorway components supremely easy. ElectroLynx features pre-wired doors, frames and hardware.

The ReadySet® System

ReadySet begins a new era in door systems installation. With ReadySet, doorways can be installed in less than 10 minutes, at the end of the project cycle, saving time and eliminating numerous jobsite issues. Our full complement of door, frame and hardware products can be preassembled and delivered to the job-site as completed, functional units ready for final installation!

The Rite Door®

Rite Door is a complete, commercial grade doorway system that is easy to install and operate, available in a variety of design options.