Healthcare Operational Issues


Address common operational issues with doors and hardware from ASSA ABLOY.

Healthcare facilities must respond to changes in patient demographics, emerging health trends, evolving building codes and accreditation requirements.  ASSA ABLOY understands these challenges and is ready to help.

Environments of Aging
The U.S. population is aging rapidly. Healthcare facilities must accommodate this growing segment of clientele by addressing mobility and way-finding challenges that can potentially hamper wellbeing. Doors and hardware are available that solve these issues. 


Patient Security
Keeping patients safe and secure is a top priority. Product innovations from ASSA ABLOY give end-users a full range of options to secure their facility, enabling more precise selection of locking products to protect the specific assets behind each opening.  By better matching of technology to the risk at each opening, the end-user ultimately gets more security for the dollar and is able to customize access control.


Hygiene Protocols
Including infection controls and facility cleanliness. Active procedures, such as frequent hand washing, stringent cleaning procedures and aggressive patient screening, form the basis of most infection control programs. These tactics can be complemented by passive measures that improve overall facility hygiene. Careful selection of doors and hardware is an example of a passive measure healthcare facilities can use to create a higher level of cleanliness.


Sustainable/Green building challenges - such as addressing LEED and other Green construction guidelines - can be solved with high performance doors and hardware. Our field representatives include accredited LEED AP professionals who can help solve any doorway dilemma. 


Energy Efficiency
Improve energy efficiency and building envelope performance with doors and hardware that reduce thermal transmission and thwart heat/cold exchange.


Research has proven that higher than recommended noise levels have a negative impact on patient care, communications and the healing environment. In response to these challenges, we offer doorway assemblies (doors, frames hardware and gasketing) that achieve high sound transmission control ratings. Recent innovations in door construction are making it easier and more affordable than ever to implement sound transmission control measures. 



Accrediting agencies set strict operational guidelines and procedures that must be met. Doorway-related issues are the last thing a facility administrator should worry about. Our healthcare specialists are certified in elements of CMS and the Joint Commision training related to healthcare portals. ASSA ABLOY Door Security Solutions can address any doorway concerns before they become an accreditation issue. 


Evidence-Based Design
The trend in healthcare construction is to create therapeutic environments. According to the Center for Health Design, evidence-based healthcare design should result in demonstrated improvements in a healthcare organization's clinical outcomes, economic performance, productivity, customer satisfaction and cultural measures. Doors and hardware are an important part of this equation. 


Accommodating the needs of bariatric clients requires specialized doorways. Openings must allow unobstructed passage of larger-sized wheelchairs and beds. Doors and hardware are available to meet this challenge while still addressing critical security and life-safety requirements.