Interior Door Solutions for Healthcare Environments

Designing the Physical Environment to Aid Healing

A relaxing atmosphere is a critical component to the interior of your healthcare facility. Aesthetically pleasing and ambient designs can completely change the overall feel of your facility for the better.

ASSA ABLOY aims to help you achieve this level of design by optimizing every doorway for positive experiences.

Products and Solutions in Focus

Creating Bright, Healing Spaces

Incorporating glass features in patient rooms, recovery areas and work spaces can secure these spaces while providing a more welcoming experience for all.

ASSA ABLOY Glass Solutions

Providing Quiet for Patients

Block the noise that often fills your hospital hallways from reaching the inside of patient rooms with Sound Transmission Class (STC)-rated doors.

Fleming STC-Rated Door Openings

Prioritizing Aesthetics

When form meets function, you can effectively secure your facility’s doorways and meet building requirements—without sacrificing design.

Good Design Studio Decorative Openings

Embracing Efficiency at Every Opening

Become eco-friendly and save energy with electrified lock products that are built to protect patients while ensuring a healthy environment.

EcoFlex Electrified Mortise Lock