Access Control Solutions for Off-Campus Housing

ASSA ABLOY offers versatile access management solutions for off-campus housing providers.

Off-campus student housing facilities can incorporate a reliable, robust and convenient doorway security platform that protects both tenants and property, while streamlining access control and improving building aesthetics and sustainability features. This curb-to-core approach to doorway security addresses many common facility challenges, including perimiter fencing, package delivery and credential management.

Mobile Access Solutions

The way we relate to technology has fundamentally changed. Mobile devices provide new ways to interact with our environment, simplifying transactions, while providing an opportunity to increase convenience and security. The new generation of students now expect their mobile devices to be the hub from which they experience both the digital and real world.

A great mobile access solution can change the way that we move through our day. Nowhere is the possibility greater than in student life, with its rush between home, lectures, and events - mobile access aims to ease both student life and administrative workload.

Our electronic locks, Livvi mobile acces app, and VisionLine access management software provide a seamless and convenient solution for off campus student housing.

Download: Complete Door Opening Solutions for Off-Campus Student Housing

Electronic Locks

We offer locks that create a secure, functional space for students. Our hardware lets you choose the solution that best reflects your design aesthetic, tailored to your budget and security requirements.

OCS Series

A stylish and modern lock designed for the modern residence, offering students more functionality and user-friendliness.

OCC Series

A robust solution ideal for retrofit applications where you need to cover existing holes on the door.


With today’s students more likely to leave their wallet at home than their smartphone, mobile devices are the perfect way to allow quick, secure residence access.

The Livvi app suits residences that want to provide students with mobile access in a simple, intuitive package. No integrations or 3rd party dependencies required.

Provide students with the ultimate convenience of using personal devices as room keys.Livvi features include:

  • Secure mobile phone-based keyless entry solution
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Powered by Seos®, a best-in-class open standard credential technology
  • Off-the-shelf solution with no integration or 3rd party dependencies
  • Livvi mobile access app option or customer integration
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communication, also works with off-line battery driven locks
  • Operating on global scale, delivering a proven and tested solution