Facility Security

Multifamily housing facilities can build a strong doorway security plan by combining electronic access control with traditional mechanical locks.

Doors and hardware rank among the top 4 maintenance expenses for property owners. Many of these headaches are created by key control issues that occur whenever a key is lost, stolen or duplicated. Electronic access control can alleviate many of these concerns while providing residents with greater convenience.

Medeco Logic

Medeco Logic merges the flexibility of electronics with reliable mechanical technology - all in a Rim or Mortise cylinder. Medeco Logic offers end users audit trail, user access schedules and the ability to quickly add or remove a key electronically from a system.



Yale Affinity

Yale Affinity Smart Card Locks combine the latest radio frequency identification (RFID) technology with a flexible electronic locking system, perfect for multifamily, apartment or condominium housing. Designed with ease of use and resident security in mind, Yale brings contactless identification electronic locking to the multifamily housing market.





The IN120 WiFi lock from Corbin Russwin and Sargent offers the ease and flexibility of WiFi in a new
streamlined design, setting a new standard for aesthetics and performance. Leverage your IT infrastructure to reduce the cost and complexity of installing access control. Take it to the next level with intelligent access control, innovative technology, and inspired design.