Trio-E Brings Energy Efficiency/Security to Hackensack University Medical Center

Hackensack University Medical Center (HUMC) is an established and growing hospital that embraces innovation to push beyond traditional thinking and provide patients with amazing possibilities.

The facility is constantly undergoing expansion, repairs and improvements and looking for more efficient openings. In one environmental services area in particular, the existing opening was almost destroyed from the heavy cart traffic and no longer sealed shut, resulting in obvious energy loss and presenting a security threat.

After consultations with local ASSA ABLOY Door Security Solutions representatives, John Rushforth, Coordinator, of Plant Operations at HUMC, learned how the CECO Door Trio-E Energy Efficient Steel Stiffened door could solve their problem by keeping the heat out and the air
conditioning in, while also addressing the security issue.

Trio-E is a new patent-pending door design that delivers superior insulated values and strength plus, provides aesthetic qualities desired in today’s commercial building applications. The “E” is for energy efficiency and Trio-E has the lowest U-Factor (0.29) for a steel stiffened door in the market today. The U-Factor of 0.29 was achieved in an operable condition (ASTM1363) using a Thermal Break Frame and Pemko 273x3AFG Thermal Barrier Saddle.

Rushforth said he is very happy with the Trio-E performance. “We are always looking to make all of our openings more energy efficient, controlling heat/ac loss is a big concern for us. The door is in a very high traffic hallway, and so far it has met my expectations.”

ASSA ABLOY is able to integrate new solutions into a Health Care facility while leaving the best of what customers have in place. Company representatives help the end-user assess everything in that environment to determine how best to help staff achieve optimum productivity.

The job of the hospital is to deliver healthcare. ASSA ABLOY provides solutions to facilitate this goal by crafting solutions that can change an existing opening into one that provides efficiency, security, safety and durability. The Trio-E Steel Stiffened Door is energy efficient, green,
strong and beautiful. Working it into an existing scheme opens possibilities for future installments with an aesthetic that blends with the healthcare and healing environments. In this instance, the application of MicroShield® antimicrobial technology also benefits the hospital in its efforts to reduce the spread of infection.

HUMC has also installed the NORTON SafeZone® door closer/holder, SARGENT 11 Line locksets and the ARROW Revolution digital lock.