Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) Achieves Certification

The project team at the NRDC offices was under a tight construction timeline and budget while pursuing Petal Certification from the Living Building Challenge. Managed by the International LivingFuture Institute (ILFI), Living Building Challenge is a certificationprogram, advocacy tool, and philosophy defining the most advanced measure of sustainability in the built environment today. In order to achieve Petal Certification, project teams must satisfy the requirement of three or more Petals, including at least one of thefollowing: water, energy or materials.

Transparency is key to the success of these projects and certifications. The NRDC project team referenced the Materials Petal when researching door openings. This Petal can be difficult to achieve because of the stringent materials guidelines about product ingredients and chemical make up. Ceco Door (an ASSA ABLOY Group brand) Trio-E openings were chosen for this project and used as interior decorative openings within the office.

The Trio-E opening was chosen because it carries a Declare label, stating transparency of product ingredients, allowing the NRDC team to easily understand the material contents. Team members EileenQuigley from Closed Loop Advisors and Jennifer Daly from NRDC both explained that it was difficult to find interior doors in the Materials Petal. They referred directly to the Declare label list of products and found Trio-E. This quick reference helped the building team complete the certification on time and on budget. Understanding the safety and health impact of materials is critical and the team plans to utilize theproduct again in future expansion projects.

Trio-E openings are manufactured in Milan, TN. The hollow metal dooris built with steel stiffeners that are welded onto a separate internal face shield, avoiding visible weld marks on the surface of the door. This attribute allows for increased durability, energy efficiency, and aesthetic advantages. ASSA ABLOY manufacturers such as Ceco Door believe that transparency is imperative in developing sustainable built environments. As a result, many ASSA ABLOY Group brands have issued Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), Health ProductDeclarations (HPDs), and Declare labels in order to support firms that also believe inproduct transparency. The Trio-E opening was the first door to receive certification from Declare (supported by the ILFI and LivingBuilding Challenge), as well as an EPD and HPD. It is also tested to meet GREENGUARD Gold standards to reduce impact on human health and indoor environmental air quality.

ASSA ABLOY is committed to providing products and servicesthat are environmentally sound throughout the entire production process and the product lifecycle. Our unconditional aim is to make sustainability a central part of our business philosophy and culture,but even more importantly is the job of integrating sustainability into our business strategy.