ASSA ABLOY Sustainability Report


The Sustainability Report 2014 explains the ASSA ABLOY Group’s sustainability performance in 2014 and highlights activities undertaken between January 1, 2014 and December 31, 2014.

 In 2014, the Group continued to make progress towards fulfilling the sustainability targets running to 2015. The Group continued to work with environmental product declarations in the innovation process. The Group’s health and safety performance improved significantly. The scope of suppliers in low-cost countries included in the sustainability audit program was expanded and the performance scoring was refined.
Sustainability highlights 2014

  • Environmental Product Declarations for allstrategic product groups were developed during the year.
  • A number of energy-saving products were launched.
  • 812 sustainability audits were performedin low-cost countries; at the year-end 1,053 active suppliers had satisfied the minimum sustainability and quality requirements andwere classified reliable.
  • Independent social compliance audits were performed in China and Romania.
  • In general the Group had positive development in the majority of thereporting areas. 
  • Number of reporting units increasedto 331 (327).

In the video below Stefan Tisell, Director Production Processes and Environmental Sustainability, describes the Group's sustainable development progress and targets.