Sustainable Access Control

Maximize energy efficiency with high performance doors and hardware

Green building methods require careful consideration of all products used in the construction or renovation process. Building openings in particular present an opportunity to improve a number of facility sustainability goals. High performance doors and hardware from ASSA ABLOY Group brands can improve overall facility energy efficiency by reducing thermal and air leakage as well as reducing the impact of electronic access control (EAC) systems.

Reduce Power Consumption and Infrastructure Needs

One of the greatest efficiencies can be found with the use of IP-based access control solutions, which reuse existing WiFi or Power over Ethernet (PoE) equipment. This reduces or eliminates the need for
security infrastructure, lessening both power requirements and materials used.


Integrated PoE locks like the SARGENT Profile Series v.S1 combine all access control functionality into the lock and use existing network cabling for both power and data. This offers the lowest power consumption with a maximum of 7 watts per lock — 50% less than typical PoE installations.


Ecoflex™ technology, available in electrified mortise locks from ASSA ABLOY Group brands CORBIN RUSSWIN and SARGENT, features an innovative actuator design that produces up to 96% energy savings compared to traditional electromechanical mortise locks.


WiFi access control solutions, such as the Corbin Russwin Access 800® WI1 leverage current 802.11b/g WiFi infrastructure, offer the same reduction of components as PoE, and optimize power consumption for long battery life.

Another great option for energy savings is exit devices with electric latch retraction (ELR), such as the SARGENT 56-. Driven by motor instead of solenoid, electricity savings per activation can easily exceed 50%.

ASSA ABLOY is committed to providing products and services that are environmentally sound throughout the entire production process and product lifecycle. Our unconditional aim is to make sustainability a central part of our business philosophy and culture.